Introducing Myself

Hello – my name is Maureen. I am excited to be taking Blogging 101. I’m not exactly new to blogging, but I have a lot to learn. In my life thus far I’ve worked as a newspaper reporter, a fiction writer, an editor and above all else, a parent. In the latter capacity I’ve had to tend to an astonishing number of small-to-medium animals over the years, including more than a dozen cats, half a dozen dogs, several “free” goldfish, hamsters and enough pet rats to develop an allergy to rodents. I have an incredibly patient husband, a boisterous dog and two grown sons who both got married over the summer. (I’m still recuperating from the joyous events!)

I live in the Pacific Northwest in a very old house in need of remodeling, situated in an equally old neighborhood full of vintage houses.  My rambling garden is at a point where it could use some renovation, much like my life. I am at times both impulsive and indecisive. On a recent whim I bought a baby windmill palm tree,   with the vague notion of creating a tropical oasis. Now I’m stalled trying to determine the best place to plant it in my (soon-to-be) rain-soaked yard.

Through this blog I’d like to connect to others on their journeys through life, which may help me figure out my own next steps in the process. If I’m still at it a year from now, I hope to have developed amazing blogging skills, garnered a lot of blog friends and gained a better insight into my own life. I know I can learn a lot from this blogging community. After all, we’re all in this together, right?


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